About Jody Zorn and her work

Sooo….our logo say Jody Zorn Photography, but I actually come attached with my hubby Zach. As he will tell you I’m the boss in life and business, so there you go! I specialize in editorial, fashion, lifestyle, advertising, travel and architectural photography; Zach and I both photograph each nuptial we are commissioned for together! (more on this below!)

My passion lies in bringing my artistic style, and the vision of my client's eye to fruition through a perfectly crafted image. I also strive to make every shoot fun, and relaxed and bring out the best in whichever subject she might be shooting that day; whether capturing the perfect expression on the face of a model, or the perfect light coming through the window of a newly renovated hotel room...

Professional, but relaxed you will often see Jody in moon boots and surrounded by their Chihuahua Warhol who greet all of their clients at their studio downtown

When she's not in the studio you can find Jody skiing, hiking or reading Food and Wine magazine getting inspiration to create a gourmet meal paired with great wine just for Zach, or for a group of friends.

About Zach Zorn and his work

As side from weddings with Jody, Zach specializes in still life, archiving artists work, and his own fine art. His photography reflects his love of all types of art. When he's not taking photos, or working side by side with Jody,  you can find him in his studio and work shop creating mixed media sculptures, or a one of a kind lighting fixture or furniture pieces mainly from found objects, vintage materials, stone metal and wood, for his design company Zachary Zorn Designs

You can also find Zach skiing, cycling or Cyclocross racing, or sailing his Hobie catamaran when he's not cuddling Warhol (yes, he's a Chihuahua guy and doesn't care who knows it :)

About Nuptials

Zach and Jody also specialize in photographing nuptials, which has brought as far as a helicopter to the top of Mt. Cook on the South Island of New Zealand. They have been a part of two celebrity weddings, and if you're handy at YouTube can see Jody and Zach as they worked with NFL Player Eric Decker and country Singer Jessie James Decker on their reality series Eric and Jessie: Game On; as well as working with Heather and Josh Altman from Bravo! TV’s hit show Million Dollar Listing LA.

The Story of Us

During our time at the Art Institute of Colorado, had known each other in passing, but had never spent a moment together outside of classes; until Jody organized a class trip to Cancun for students focusing on fashion photography to work on their portfolios. The trip started to quickly fall through as everyone that had originally decided to go ultimately backed out. Jody still determined to shoot for her portfolio (and get a tan!) randomly asked Zach, not really knowing him, if he wanted to go. Zach, thinking Jody was pretty cute said "sure, why not?" So Jody, Zach, a model and a stylist headed to Cancun, created incredible shots for their portfolios and Zach and Jody have been by each other's sides ever since...

Our education at the prestigious Art Institute of Colorado was the beginning of our careers, and a solid foundation in the world of photography. After both receiving awards for our graduating portfolios, it was time to do what all budding fashion photographers do and move to New York City.  Although there is nothing quite like living and working in NYC, our families, friends and beloved Rocky Mountains called us back to Denver to put down roots for our business and one day a family of our own...